What’s in it for you?

What’s in it for you - The benefits of washing at 30°

Did you know that a few small changes in your washing habits, especially using lower temperatures, can add up to some big benefits? Washing at the lowest possible temperature helps you to cut CO2 emissions, save energy and help the environment. And get this, your clothes will actually look good and last longer. So why not make a habit of lowering your washing temperature depending on what you’re washing?


Washing at low temperatures such as 30° gives great results. Why? With advances in washing machines and laundry detergents, it’s now possible to get clothes clean at lower temperatures. Today’s products are made to achieve high performance results at low temperatures so this means you can lower the temperature of your wash and get clothes as clean and fresh as you need.


Washing your clothes at lower temperatures allows you to take better care of the fabric. You’re going to love this – your clothes will actually look good for longer. Not only do clothes retain their colour for longer when washed at lower temperatures, but there is also less wear of the textile.


It’s what we do collectively that counts. If everyone in Europe made an effort to reduce their wash temperature when possible it could really make a big difference. In fact, the energy savings of a reduction of only 3° in the average wash temperature of people in Europe is equivalent to the emissions produced by more than  127,000 cars. And you can see these savings on a local level in your own country. 

That’s quite an effect! See how lots of small personal acts can add up to a big difference? So how can your individual efforts help the environment? Simply lower the wash temperature of your machine whenever possible and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by saving energy. And there are even more benefits! Washing at low temperatures is a milder process and so your clothes will last longer.

How to get started

Low temperature washing: laundry guidance

In general, when you’re doing a load of lightly - or normally - soiled clothes and that there is no health issue in the family, low washing temperatures (30°) will do just fine.

While the majority of laundry items can be adequately washed at low temperatures, some items do require a more thorough cleaning. Why not click here below and discover more!

  • Outer clothing: jackets, skirts, trousers, pullovers, shirts, dresses
  • T-shirts, top underclothing, socks
  • Beach towels, table linen, curtains
  • Others: see guidance below
Discover all the items you can
wash at low temperatures

More handy tips!

Ways to make a difference to the environment and take better care of your clothes

Here are some handy tips to help you as a responsible consumer get your clothes as clean as ever while saving water, CO2 and money.

More tips for sustainable washing? Go to www.cleanright.eu


Separate dark colours from colours and pastels and whites.


Check the care label to know how best to clean your clothes. It provides helpful information on the regular wash and care of your garment without damaging the fabric. The number in the washtub icon on your clothing care label specifies the maximum washing temperature in degrees Celsius and should never be exceeded. So in fact washing at a lower temperature is absolutely possible. Try it and save energy!

Find more helpful advice on clothing care at www.clevercare.info.


Separate higher risk items (from a health point of view) from normal daily laundry. These items, for example clothes worn by an ill person, should be washed separately from other items in a 60° wash, with a general purpose powder detergent, if the care label allows. Normal daily laundry items can usually be washed at low temperatures such as 30°, especially if they are lightly to moderately soiled. However, for items that are in intimate body contact and that may be contaminated by body fluids (e.g. underwear), a wash temperature of 30-40° and use of a general-purpose powder detergent is recommended.


Carefully follow the dosing instructions on your detergent packs. Always dose according to soil level and water hardness. Increasingly products are concentrated and using more of the product doesn’t mean better results. Following the instructions can really make a difference!


Always make sure you use a full load. Putting your machine on twice with two separate half loads uses much more energy, water and cleaning product than a properly filled single load.


Finally, always do the right thing with your empty packaging by either recycling or refilling.


Did you know that the average wash temperature in Europe is 41°? And in the UK, it is 39°! If everyone in Europe decreased their average laundry temperature by just 3°, it would save more than 2,300 GWh/year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 300,000 inhabitants!  And you can see these savings even on a local level! In fact, the energy savings of a reduction of only 3° in the average wash temperature of people in the UK is equivalent to emissions produced by over 127,000 cars. We’re here to show you how washing at lower temperatures is a win/win for everyone and the environment.

How washing at lower temperatures can benefit everyone.
A few small changes in everyone’s washing habits, especially using lower temperatures, add up to big benefits for everyone. How?  Simply by lowering machine temperatures it’s possible to get excellent cleaning results, reduce carbon food print and help the environment. What’s more, is that clothes look better for longer with less risk of damage to the fabric. 

Do you prefer 30°?
The “I prefer 30°” campaign is an initiative of the detergent industry that aims to raise awareness of these benefits and support consumers in lowering their wash temperatures. The campaign calls on all industry players and related partners to take on the responsibility of maintaining a high sustainability standard for the entire sector by helping to spread the word. And we’re also counting on you. Together, we want to encourage people to adapt their washing habits, in particular washing at the lowest possible temperature, by explaining why this initiative is a win/win for all - it cuts CO2 emissions, reduces electricity bills and helps care for your clothes.

As a responsible advocate of sustainable washing, you can save money, help the environment and keep your clothes looking good for longer by simply preferring 30°.

Join the movement to achieve work towards sustainable washing
A.I.S.E., through detergent companies, is running a consumer engagement campaign to promote low temperature washing. The campaign is led in the UK through the national association UKCPI.

Developed around the slogan “I prefer 30°”, this campaign is deployed to consumers in 2014. The novelty of the “I prefer 30°” campaign is that it is opened to retailers, appliance manufacturers, fashion manufacturers/retailers, authorities, NGOs and other corporate supporters making it a unique multi-stakeholder movement!

To view our partners in the UK, click here. If you are interested in becoming a partner, click here.

“I prefer 30°” is also keen to work with Ambassadors. These individuals are selected by A.I.S.E. or its national associations on the basis that they have a link or an interest in driving forward the sustainability profile of household laundry detergents products in the context of this campaign.